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Expired Promise

Last Chance Fire and Rescue | Book 3

Coming May 16, 2023



She won’t stop until she’s proven her worth. 

He promised to always protect her. 


EMT Andi Crawford is close to achieving her goal. She’s reached probationary status as a firefighter with the Eastside Firehouse and only needs to convince her older twin brothers—and herself—that she’s cut out for the job. Yet the daily challenges of a female firefighter fade to the background when her family becomes the target of a dangerous drug cartel with ties to a client Andi’s mother represented as a defense attorney. Andi will stop at nothing to protect her family.


Even if that means accepting help she doesn’t think she needs. 


ATF Agent Jude Brooks is back in Last Chance County tasked with uncovering information on the family that took him in during his summers as a teen. It seems impossible the Crawfords are connected to a dangerous cartel leader, but Jude’s by-the-book attitude won’t let him approach his job any other way. As he wades through a web of leads, the feelings he tried so hard to avoid resurface. Andi’s as headstrong as she was as a teen, but her acceptance of him is a balm to the hurts from his childhood. He’s determined to uncover the truth—for her and himself.


If the secrets of the past don't tear them apart.